Thứ Sáu, 5 tháng 10, 2012

Yahoo & Skype - Add me: "hocieltstainha"

Hi everybody,

From now on you can contact us directly via yahoo or skype under the nick hocieltstainha.

We will hold voice conferences to give free speaking and writing lessons. So please add the nick and we'll give you information.

Have a good day.

Questions? Email us at OR Call us at 099 54 33 287
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Wanna practice some speaking?

Free Speaking Discussion on Skype tonight:

Time: 10hpm - 11hpm (even longer if participants are eager) Please note that this is Vietnamese hours.

Topic: General topics to get to know each other. Feedback & corrections to be provided. 

How: add my skype (hocieltstainha) and we'll chat. 

See you guys tonight.

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